A True Story
This actually happened in a large chain clinic.
I’m in a doctor’s office last week working on some other equipment and I can hear a nurse and a mother trying to work with a five year old to complete a wall chart screening. The child is acting up. The mother and nurse are both frustrated. Finally I here the nurse say “Well we will just get him next year.” to which the mother responds “that’s what you said last year”.
I thought to myself “hey I have my unit in the car”, so I went and grabbed it. I did get the job done and the results were alarming. This poor child had severe vision problems and was getting ready to start school. The mother was so grateful to me, it made me feel like the hero.
I wish I could tell you this was a one time instance, but unfortunately I see it daily.  A few months ago I was with a Lion’s club here in Texas and a mother came in with her three children ages 2,5,& 7. I tested all 3 and they all had severe vision problems. Once again they had been screened in school and at their local pediatrician but had passed thru undetected. The mother was so happy. She had thought her 7 year old had a learning disability.
Be the Doctor, perform early detection vision and hearing screening on your young patients and ensure their best future. If you are not doing this I can assure you that the pediatrician down the road is. The best physicians use the best tools to do the best job they can for the sake of their patients and are rewarded with busy thriving practices.
Click Here to start screening.
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