QSCREEN® was developed to fit your essential needs in newborn hearing screening with efficiency, accuracy and reliability. It’s a versatile screening OAE and ABR platform incorporating TEOAE & DPOAE including our unique features such as FMDPOAE and multifrequency testing. Furthermore, QSCREEN® offers high performance screening ABR to suit the needs of fast and reliable automated ABR recordings including flexible configurations fully customizable to your NHS program regional protocols.

Supplied with the world’s first noise cancellation OAE probe our technology allows OAE testing in noisy environments and significantly reduces your test time. The probe features 2 microphones and reduces the sensitivity of the environmental noise up to 12 dB. This makes the test time up to 50% faster.

Simplify your data entry using QSCREEN’s high definition camera, barcode and QR code detection mechanisms.

QSCREEN® is designed to make everyday tasks as easy as possible! Charging, data transfer to the docking station, printing, and modem transfer to pathTrack are all performed wirelessly.

Noise cancelling OAE probe demonstration video


Providing maximum flexibility and unparalleled functionality, the SENTIERO ADVANCED offers ABR, ASSR, EABR, ECochG, OAE, air and bone & speech audiometry AND with the SENTIERO ADVANCED Tymp add-on, Class 1 and 2 Tympanometry, providing test capabilities for your clinic in one device.

The standard SENTIERO ADVANCED (part number 100340-ED) configuration is supplied with Binaural ABR for both Screening and Diagnostic testing and includes choice of insert earphones or headphones ,electrode cable, bag of 30 electrodes, manual, charger, USB cable, carrying case and MIRA PC Software.

  • Tympanometry Screening incl. reflex – Class 2
  • 1000 Hz tone – Screening Tympanometry
  • ETF tests – Screening Tymanometry
  • Tympanometry Diagnostic Class 1 incl. ETF, reflex, multifrequencies
  • TEOAE Screening & Diagnostic
  • DPOAE Screening & Diagnostic
  • DPOAE threshold estimation – license code incl. FMDPAOE
  • ABR monaural Screening & Diagnostic
  • ABR bilateral Diagnostic
  • ABR Frequency Specific incl. Tone Burst, High-, Mid- and Low Chirp
  • ASSR
  • eCochG
  • eABR
  • Pure Tone Audiometry – class 4A
  • Pure Tone Audiometry – class 3
  • High Frequency Audiometry
  • MAGIC, play audiometry
  • Speech tests


Sentiero Advanced_PATH_MEDICAL_GMBH

Quick Start Guide

100800-17_Sentiero Advanced ABR diagnostic Quick Start Guide – 100800-17_Sentiero-Advanced-AB

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