Tuesday, January 2, 2018

 In the past many primary care physicians did not want to offer this service because it was difficult , time consuming and hard to read.

Many balance testing devices use goggles which are difficult to work with, no matter how light weight they make the cameras, you still need to strap the apparatus the the patients head tightly to keep them from moving during testing. In this senerio if the patients moves the goggles vibrate or shift causing artifact in the camera and on your print out. Camera alignment can also be difficult, the cameras need to sinc with the patients pupil. Patients with make up, droopy or lazy eyes are very problematic.

We find using electrodes to be a lot easier and more accurate, once the electrodes are placed on the patient we are ready to go. No calibrating sequence, no shacking and vibrating cameras strapped to the head. This means your set-up time is only a matter of a minute or so.

The other major problem physicians had was the amount of time it took to do all the test. We have narrowed this down to a simple 20 minute test sequence. Since most falls are caused by a vestibular problem this is where we are going to concentrate most of our efforts. The vestibular problems are also easily treatable in the physicians office. The more complicated and time consuming problems can be referred on to an ENT.

The third major problem physicians have is most balance screening systems have complicated and hard to read reports.That is why they sell you a consulting plan to read and interpret their print outs.

The Vat Plus system is different. It is so easy to read that your medical assistant can do it on the spot. This allows you to test and treat on the same day all in under 30 minutes, which means your patients can go home feeling better in just one visit.

Fast, easy and profitable, the Vat Plus system is a great solution for the busy family practice that wants to help their elderly population and keep them safe from falls, while generating a positive revenue flow.

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