Balance Testing

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iVNG balanceback™ System:

    • Fast, accurate and quantitative that may be used to accurately diagnose balance disorders and dfferentiate between:
      • Central Nervous System Disorders
      • Vestibular Disorders
      • Other Balance Disorders
    • Evidenced based medicine that aids in accurately detecting, confirming and balance disorders.
    • Straightforward Clinical interpretation
    • Accredited Training (6 CE Credits) included with purchase
    • Access to Monthly Webinars with Clinicians
    • Voice Commands
    • Video Playback of recorded eye movements
    • Video Professor
    • 39 Standardized Tests
    • Ability to create your own Custom Test Templates
    • Patented Goggles, providing the most advanced tracking technology.
    • iFind™ automates the setup of pupil tracking, saving you time; keeping test time short, quick and accurate.
    • The iFind™ function automatically sets the zoom, panning, and crosshair adjustment for most patients
    • Patented Goggles  are lightweight and designed for easy set up; eliminating the need to adjust knobs;  all adjustments are performed on the software during set up  for patient and clinician convenience.
    • Automatic zoom in/out directly from computer screen for both pupils or individually
    • Test both horizontal and vertical channels


interacoustic video
VF405 provides ideal conditions for fixation-free observation and recording of eye movements during spontaneous testing, positional and Dix-Hallpike testing, head impulse testing and user-defined testing.
The VF405 is an independent software module operated from the OtoAccess™ patient database. The user interface is designed for maximum user satisfaction with intuitive procedures and a supportive design.
logo-combo SPECTR
Immediate test results and data interpretation, Complete diagnostic evaluation of Peripheral Vestibular, Central Nervous System and Corneo- Retinal Potential
Simple and easy to administer testing process,Test takes only 25 minutes to administer and is typically performed by an MA, Established and verified CPT codes for reimbursement from Medicare and private insurance. Reimbursements of $250 – $588 PER TEST.
Portable and small system footprint, Tests can be performed in most exam rooms. System can be easily transported to remote locations or between
Noninvasive process. Patients are seated throughout the entire test. Test requires the use of only 5 electrodes.

Our florida base is located in tallahassee, the state capital.

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