Wow this was a great idea, you will want to put right into practice.

Recently I was contacted by one of my clients who knew I was also a magician. They had a great idea.
They brought the entire staff in on a Saturday and had a parking lot party.
They advertised in the community news papers and had banners printed, advertising free magic show, vision and hearing screening for children.
That Saturday this office used their event to make friends with in their community. They didn’t ask for anything, but gave freely of their time and services.
Thanks to the photo vision screeners and OAE hearing screeners the vision and hearing screenings went fast and impressed the parents who had never had this done at their pediatrician’s office.
This office really show cased their talents and community spirit.
They now plan to do this semi annually.
Oh yea and the magic shows were great too.
If you are going to do this make sure your employees are on board. You want happy friendly faces greeting and talking to everyone who attends. Make sure everybody and everything looks clean and sharp, no hand made banners and signs or beat-up antiquated equipment. Remember we want to shine and show case our professionalism and community spirit.
Show off what you do. Go above and beyond and you will shine, too
Good luck


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