How is your offices work flow?

Stop wasting time!

So much time is taken up with hearing and vision screening. 2 test very important to a child’s development, but very time consuming.
Many offices make the mistake of having a dedicated hearing and vision screening room.
This often ends up being a traffic jam and a work flow nightmare. What often happen is the child forgoes the screening due to an unavailable room.
Bring your practice up to 21st century standards. Think about what your practice says about you. Does your waiting room, your equipment, your staff represent you and your professionalism.
Think about putting several of these inexpensive portable hearing screeners to work for you. Putting one in each pod of your practice makes sure they there is always one available. It’s a small price to pay for work flow that generates revenue.
Same thing with vision screening. I can tell you how often i see a nurse spend 6-8 minutes against a wall with a 5 year old, trying to get a vision screening done.
With a photo vision screener you can screen both eyes simultaneously on even a 6 month old in just seconds and have results on you pc immediately. Why aren’t you freeing up your nurses and offering this valuable service to your patients.
Yes, they are not cheap. But time is money. these units quickly pay for them selves in saved time. Besides that you know 80 percent of what a child learns is visually acquired. Would you really not want to screen those young ones before they start school? It’s called being a working pro and having the best tools to do the best  job. After you did not study hard and go to all those years of medical school to be a mediocre physician. Be the best, have the best tool available. In the long run it pays off in positive work flow and public opinion.
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