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Work site & OSHA Compliance

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSHA states Audiometer shall be checked acoustically, at least annually, according to the procedures described in this appendix:

We offer on-site exhaustive acoustic calibrations & booth sound level checks.
We will give your unit a complete check-up and make sure everything is working properly as well as make sure you meet all state regulations. We will issue a certificate of calibration for you to display.

Have your hearing screening device calibrated and you Sound Booth certified yearly

Calibration is more than just meeting requirements. We believe that bringing you in line with regulatory standards is only the beginning.  All standards are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Our technicians are licensed, factory trained and average over 25 years of experience each. However, our true mark goes beyond a fancy sticker and a piece of paper.

During each calibration we are looking for anything that could go wrong during the next year. It’s our job to keep your equipment in top running order keeping you from delays in Testing

R-B Instruments is your full service calibration company offering on-site calibration for most equipment therefore reducing the requirement to send off your equipment for calibration.

Don’t risk the possibility of costly fines or damage to your reputation because of uncalibrated equipment.

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Breathe at

Vitalograph Occu-Health Complete package

The new Vitalograph Occu-Health Complete package is a simple and effective turnkey solution for Occupational Health needs. The kit includes the robust and reliable Pneumotrac spirometer, simple to use Spirotrac 5 testing and reporting software, 3-liter syringe, and safe and effective bacterial/viral (BVF) filters***.
Also available with 12-lead ECG.
The products in this package comply with ATS/ERS standards and come complete with SpiroTutor** online training and a 5 YEAR Warranty* included.

With EKG $4,200

With out EKG $2662




We have adapters for most instruments

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Spirometer Filtered Mouth pieces

Headphone covers

Disposable Covers are the perfect accessory for headphones and headsets that are in shared environments. Keeping proper hygiene is more important now than ever and these covers are an easy way to keep your students, customers and patients safer. Hypoallergenic material and weave design give you full sound quality, comfort and protection.

Low prices high Quality

Available at R-B instruments

50 pairs for -$21.50

250 pairs for $82.50

If your headphones are already rough or deteriorated the red/blue rubber  replacements are available at R-B instruments for only $16 a pair

These covers easily go over each individual head phone

Easy to put on

Easy to remove

Hearing Screening


Amplivox 170

Type: Automatic screening audiometer User: Occupational health, Primary care

A totally portable, low cost audiometer that has functionality for automatic and manual test types. The Amplivox 170 can interface to Audibase PC software for electronic record storage and audiogram categorization. Alternatively a designated portable printer can be used for threshold level printouts.
Automatic and manual audiometry
Printout with optional printer
Compact and easy to use
Talk forward function
Data analysis with optional Audibase PC software
Reduced test time
Totally portable
Weighs just 1.6 pounds
User defined test frequency range
USB connectivity
The Amplivox 170 is a stylish, cost-effective screening audiometer offering both automatic and manual audiometry.
Improved use
The Amplivox 170 is ideal for occupational health and primary care audiometric requirements. Upon test completion, results can be printed with the optional printer, saved in memory for future use, recorded manually or transferred to a PC installed with Amplivox audibase software for electronic storage and statistical analysis of audiogram results.
Totally portable
Lightweight and compact, the Amplivox 170, weighs just 1.6 pounds and is totally portable. It is ideal for both desktop and mobile needs.
Ergonomic design
Laid out in an ergonomic manner, the control panel is clear, easy to read and very easy to use with all settings and results displayed on the backlit display. The Amplivox 170 is designed and manufactured to conform with the relevant international audiometric and safety standards.
Database compatibility
The Amplivox 170 is compatible with all leading occupational health databases to provide electronic data storage and statistical analysis benefits. The audiometer can interface to OPAS and E-OPAS, Cohort and Medgate OH databases.


An occupational health database application designed to interface to Amplivox screening audiometers to facilitate the storage, interpretation and analysis of air conduction (AC) screening results.

Electronic storage of audiograms
HSE audiogram categorisation
No unauthorised access
Identification of ”at risk” personnel
Recall function
Extensive analysis features
Integrated questionnaire
The Audibase5 software program facilitates the electronic storage of audiometric test records on a PC.
Ease of use
Audibase5 is designed to be intuitive and easy to use with standard windows icons used throughout.
Records can be reviewed on screen, printed, exported to other PC applications, or transferred to an Amplivox CA850 audiometer for inclusion in future audiograms.
Access to the audiogram records contained within Audibase5 is restricted to authorised personnel only.
Audiograms are automatically categorised in accordance with HSE recommendations. The user definable recall function provides for an effective means of organising an annual audiogram test program.
The implementation of pro-active hearing conservation programs is possible with extensive data analysis features. ”At risk” individuals and user defined reporting groups can be easily identified and monitored.
Designed to link with designated Amplivox screening audiometers, Audibase provides a cost effective solution for the electronic storage, management and analysis of audiometric test results.
Audibase5.5 can interface with the following Amplivox audiometers
Amplivox 116 Manual screening audiometer
Amplivox 170 automatic audiometer
Amplivox Ca850 series 5 automatic audiometer
Amplivox PC850 PC based automatic audiometer
Amplivox Otosure PC basd automatic audiometer
Operating systems
Amplivox audibase 5.5 can be used with the following Windows operating systems
Windows 7
Windows 8/ 8.1
Windows 10
A minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 is required


Micro Audiometrics


This lightweight, truly portable audiometer is equally at home in the palm of your hand or taking up a fraction of the work space of other “portable” audiometers.

Easy to use… The Earscan® 3 is a fully programmable audiometer, allowing customization of the entire test procedure, from the intensity step size to the frequencies selected for testing.

Operator to patient communication (talkover) is built in, allowing test instructions to be presented via the headset.

Built in calibration reminders ensure the validity of test results.

Upgradeability ensures that the Earscan® 3 will meet both current and future needs.

With standard RS-232 communications, data can be transferred to a variety of printers and PC programs.

With one of the longest warranties on the market, you can be sure the Earscan® 3 will serve you now and in the years to come.


Pure Tone Audiometry, Automatic Audiometry Patient Controlled, according to ISO 8253-1 and standard Hughson Westlake procedure (selectable on control panel)
Audiometer Class 4 according to EN ISO 60645-1


  • L x W x H: 4.5” x 7.5” x 1.2”
  • Net Weight: 1.32 lbs. without battery
  • Body material: Plastic cabinet


Built-in talk forward microphone 50-110 dBSPL (adjustable on control panel)



  • Dedicated “Store” button to save measurements into the internal memory (up to 50 patients).
  • The patient will be identifi­ed by an ID number.
  • Stored data can be viewed on the built-in display or transferred to the PC or Noah® using Resonance Management Data Suite (MDS) software.


  • MDS software with reporting and printing features
  • Compatible with Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Date transfer via USB cable




Noise-reducing headphones

Industry-leading audiometric headphones designed to ensure accurate pure tone audiometry testing in conditions where ambient noise becomes too high for unshielded earphones.

Our Audiocups are the perfect add-on to a standard air conduction headset such as the RadioEar DD45, Telephonics TDH39 and TDH49 transducer and are easily retrofitted in the field without the need for recalibrating your audiometer.

Consisting of a headband, a cup for each ear side dampened with foam and a spring for the headset transducer to be fitted, allowing the transducers inside the cups to fit with any ear shape without obstructing the ear canal.

Please note: image shows complete headset option with fitted transducers.



Unknown-3An automatic validation instrument for air conduction (AC) screening audiometers and acoustic booths (when used)
Totally automatic
Easy to use
Consistent results
Modern electronic design

The ER75 Electro-Acoustic Ear Simulator is designed to provide an objective performance validation of audiometric equipment.
Ease of use
Completely automatic, the ER75 will respond in a consistent manner to produce repeatable thresholds over the frequency range of 250Hz to 8000Hz.
Any variations with previously recorded levels can be identified and acted upon immediately to ensure optimum performance of the audiometric test facility.
Compact and battery powered, the ER75 can be used for both static and mobile requirements.


The MI-300


The MI-300 Calibration Monitor performs a quick and efficient daily biological calibration check of your audiometer, as required by OSHA. Its lightweight and durable construction will insure years of trouble-free operation.








OSHA compliance checks have never been faster or more convenient. The Tremetrics OSCAR 6 and OSCAR 7 Electro-Acoustic Ears are the reliable test subject substitutes that help you generate a daily legal record to document that your audiometer is “in calibration.” OSCAR 7 is a dual-function instrument, providing both the daily biological test and the OSHA octave band sound level check for your test environment.

These dependable units accomodate all standard and Audiocups earphone enclosures and include self-guiding, color-coded earphone couplers so that headsets can be properly positioned every time.

Tremetrics AR940 Sound room

HyperFocal: 0

HyperFocal: 0

The AR940 Mini Sound Room is designed to allow flexibility in any setting. It can be quickly changed to attain a right or left hand arrangement. The transformation can be accomplished without any disassembly of components, without any tools, by any member of your staff. The AR940 Mini Sound Room is appropriate for hearing health professionals, industrial monitoring, mobile test vans, public schools, and speech audiometry.

Vision Screening

Optec 5500P


A portable dual lens (near and far) vision tester with a remote control panel that can measure visual acuity, depth perception, color vision, lateral and vertical phoria and peripheral vision.
Lightweight and portable
Homogeneous illumination
L.E.D lighting
Background luminance complies with international standards
Two separate viewing ports for accurate distance
Supplied with carrying case and patient response switch
The Optec 5500P is ideal for all industrial and DSE vision screening requirements. Visual acuity, depth perception, color, phoria and peripheral vision can all be determined in a very efficient manner.
Ease of use
A large viewing port, combined with a test pointer, facilitates fast and effective patient testing. Height adjustment ensures patient comfort and a remote control panel saves time and gives excellent test flexibility.
Several features provide for an extremely accurate vision test system.
An advanced lighting system ensures high resolution, true colour test
images with no glare reflection.
There are no light bulbs to change as the instruments utilize a microprocessor controlled LED lighting system. A dual lens system permits a more accurate test on bifocal/multifocal patients.
Standardised test slide kits are available to meet the needs of industrial and primary care organisations. For specialist needs, there is a library of over 150 test slides available.
Design features
Dual lens system permits the patient to use normal bifocals without having to move their head.
Observation windows on the sides of the instrument permit the test administrator to identify test images should clarification be needed by the test subject.
Confidential testing. Only the subject and administrator can observe the test and results.
No light bulbs to change since a microprocessor controlled LED lighting system is utilized.
Lens system permits far, near and intermediate testing.
Disposable headrest tissues for maximum hygiene.
Locking adjustable height mechanism accommodates all patients.


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Spirometer Filtered Mouth pieces

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