Inhaler Training

Vitalograph AIM

For effective inhaler training on dry powder and metered dose inhalers

See viseo below

Make sure your patients are feeling the benefits of their medications.

Do your patients know how to properly use their nebulizer or inhaler?

Are they getting the full benefit of their medication?

Improper inhalation can fail to deliver the medication where it is needed.  

Reimbursement will pay for this device!

Slightly higher cost when Training using the Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) Simulator
$17.84 National Average Reimbursement (CPT Code 94664: Inhalation Training*)
($1.48) Disposable MDI Simulator $1.49
($0.37) Placebo MDI propellant
($4.00) Nurse Time (@$20 per hour, approx. 12 minutes = $4.00)
AIM DEVICE COST $460… $460 / $11.99 =

39 Patient Trainings fully pay for the device.

Here is a simple training tool for you and it pays.
AIM For effective inhaler training on dry powder and metered dose inhalers:

The unique Vitalograph AIM™ (Aerosol Inhalation Monitor) is designed to assist medical practitioners in assessing inhaler use, whether MDI or DPI. Mastery of the correct technique will support more accurate drug delivery and good patient compliance, resulting in better disease management and fewer visits to medical professionals.

AIM Trainer$460  Onsale  now just $325

cpt 94664 $ – $17.84

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