Osteoarthritis Program

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The Facts

All insurances, including Medicare now require that patients try and fail at least one round of visco-supplementation prior to being authorized for TKA (total knee replacement surgery). This means that if your not doing these injections, then the doctor down the street IS!  That revenue is going right out the door to a doctor who is likely doing unguided injection, with a single synthetic material and no knee bracing which almost ensures the patient will end up in surgery which is what many orthopedic surgeons would prefer and is NOT Necessary.

Insurance covers both knee and shoulder injections. ALL INSURANCES REIMBURSE even HMO.

We have a turn key ready to go business plan for you.

In the next 3 days you could be running a profitable Osteoarthritis Program and changing lives

The entire monthly program costs LESS than the total case value of ONE SINGLE PATIENT!

Basically one patient a month covers your entire cost!

This is not just equipment, this is an entire PROGRAM. We provide everything including 3 days of physician lead, ON SITE training. This covers all the billing along with all the documentation and certificates needed for the entire program. The program includes a Orthoscan which is an amazing Mini C-Arm Fluroscope with digital x-ray combo! It’s very small, rolls easily between rooms an is the only x-ray in the WORLD that has NO scatter! This is a major selling point! You can take imaging of any part of the body accept for hips and lumbar.

All the supplies including lidocaine, contrast dye, 50 Supartz syringes and everything down to the bandaids are provided.

You  also receive 20 knee braces with full DME license, credentialing you to dispense bracing IN HOUSE! This is BIG BIG MONEY at $1000 reimbursement per brace (knee brace costs the doctor $300)!!!

And 5 PRP kits with a centrifuge to offer regenerative medicine for additional cash pay revenue to their patients.

Qualifying Questions

1. Do you have knee pain? Yes No

2. Have you taken medication (aspirin, Tylenol, etc) for

knee pain? Yes No

3. Is knee pain affecting your daily activities? Yes No

4. Have you had knee surgery? Yes No

5. Are you interested in knee pain treatment? Yes No


There are 10,000 patients become eligible for Medicare EVERY SINGLE DAY until 2040!

This is one major reason Medicare is requiring these injections be done as they cannot possibly afford TKA’s for that many patients. Patients are living longer so they also outlive the parts which means they will need a revision surgery for a second TKA withing 10 years. The problem with a revision surgery is, they only have a 30% success rate. If their patient needs a TKA at age 50 or 60 years old they will need a revision surgery by or 70 which means they will 100% be on a walker, wheel chair or cane before their life span is up. Our main objective is to either avoid a TKA all together or push back when the patient would actually need one in hopes it was late enough in life that they never need a revision surgery.

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Series of 5 Injections, 20 Physical Therapy Visits, & DME
Our Osteoarthritis Program consists of fluoroscopic guided injections of Hyaluronic Acid, targeted physical therapy, and an unloading knee brace. An estimated breakdown of a typical bilateral course of care is outlined below.

Reimbursement figures are based upon national average Medicare allowable fee schedule.

Initial Examination and X-Ray $200

Initial Arthrogram with Report $675
Fluoroscopic Guided HA Injections $2,500
Physical Therapy $2,600
Unloading Knee Brace $1,700
Suspension Sleeve (addition to knee brace) $220

Total Average Case Fee $7,895
Combined Average – (80/20) Medicare Allowable $6,316

How many wellness exams and flu injections do you have to do to generate that kind of revenue?

Are you tired of trying to see 20 -30 patients or more a day?

Would you like to spend more time with your patients and really affect their lives?

1 Patient a day = $1,642,160 A Year, How would this affect your life and the lives of your patients?

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