Hearing Screening, (OAE)


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 or 3 payments of $1,242

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The SENTIERO screener is suitable for testing all ages from Newborn and upwards utilizing rapid two frequency simultaneous DPOAE and with the option to add a built-in Pure Tone Screening audiometer. SENTIERO screener is dedicated to perform screening tests with an outstanding test performance based on over 20 years of PATH MEDICAL experience. Suitable for all ages, SENTIERO screener provides reliable results combined with simple and efficient operation.

There are 4 set choices for the SENTIERO screener all with additional upgrade options:

  • 100250-SC-D: Sentiero Handheld – newborn DPOAE screening kit Screening DPOAE
  • 100250-SC-T: Sentiero Handheld – newborn TEOAE screening kit Screening TEOAE
  • 100250-SC-AuD: Sentiero Handheld – DPOAE screening and Audiometry screening kit Screening DPOAE and Screening Audiometry
  • 100250-SC-AuT: Sentiero Handheld – TEOAE screening and Audiometry screening kit Screening TEOAE and Screening Audiometry


The SENTIERO Diagnostic provides diagnostic and screening TEOAE/DPOAE functionality and incorporates rapid binaural multi-frequency OAE, including the PATH MEDICAL patented module FMDPOAE® with frequency modulated stimulus and Binaural DPOAE-testing. SENTIERO diagnostic features ultra-high resolution DPOAEs (up to 30 points per octave) providing fine detail inter-octave information up to 10kHz.

SENTIERO Diagnostic with its colour touch screen is NOAH compatible with long battery life and can store up to 1000 tests. Device firmware is available in English, Spanish, French and many other languages. With MIRA, a patient editing software, you are able to transfer data to your computer via USB and further export functions to other EMR software (optional). Printing the tests results can be performed via label printer, pdf, or using MIRA software. Entertaining child-friendly modes are provided for all OAE modules.

There are 4 set choices for the SENTIERO Diagnostic all with additional upgrade options:

  • 100250-US2: Screening & Diagnostic DPOAE with high resolution and FMDPOAE®
  • 100250-US2-T: Screening & Diagnostic TEOAE
  • 100250-US3: Audiometry Class 3 (air only), Screening and Diagnostic DPOAE and TEOAE with high resolution, FMDPOAE® and DPOAE threshold
  • 100250-US4: Screening & Diagnostic TEOAE and DPOAE with high resolution, FMDPOAE® and DPOAE threshold


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Grow your business by offering the best in patient care

Screen any child’s hearing in 12 seconds or less

The earlier a hearing loss occurs in a child’s life, the more serious the effects on the child’s development. Similarly, the earlier the problem is identified and intervention begun, the less serious the ultimate impact.There are four major ways in which a hearing loss affects children:

• It causes delay in the development of receptive

and expressive communication skills (speech and


• The language deficit causes learning problems that

result in reduced academic achievement.

• Communication difficulties often lead to social

isolation and poor self-regard.

• It may have an impact on vocational choices.

Autism and Sight or Hearing Loss

• The difference in academic achievement between

children with normal hearing and those with a hearing

loss usually widens as they progress through school.

• The level of achievement is related to parental

involvement and the quantity, quality, and timing of

the support services children receive.

Social Functioning

• Children with a hearing loss often report feeling alone,

without friends, and unhappy in school, particularly

when their socialization with other children with a

hearing loss is limited.


Start testing early. Recent research indicates that children identified with a hearing loss who begin services early may be able to develop language (spoken and/or signed) on a par with their hearing friends. If a hearing loss is detected, early family-centered intervention is recommended to promote language (speech and/or signed depending on family choices) and cognitive development.

Hearing and vision screening have been mandated in schools; newborn hearing is temporarily mandated.

But sometimes a lack of cooperation or varying responses on the child’s part during testing, and evaluators conducting tests who are not knowledgeable about autism or behavioral techniques, can lead to delays in more specific testing for hearing and visual problems.

Read more on screening autistic children here:


OAE comparison for pediatricians & family practice

Large 7″ touch screeen display makes it easy to see at a glance.

Connect to pc via bluetooth, so it’s always connected even on the go.

On board data base, so you can enter patient names and test multiple patients per room. Comes with a 3 year warranty.

Service: Very responsive Tech Support

The Maico Ero-Scan:…… $4,395

Small non-responsive 2″ display

Needs to be returned to pc and connected via usb to print, unless you want to print remotely via Bluetooth to a small printer then scan and move into your data base.

Unit will hold up to 250 test results hoe ever since there is no key pad on the unit there is no way to attach a particular test to a patient making the chances of confusing results probable. There is also no data base, so when results print they are simply labeled test 1, 2, 3, ect.

However, there is a batch upload capability, where an Excel list of patients can be loaded onto the ERO SCAN. Once loaded, the user can scroll to find the patient name, select and accomplish the test for that patient. The results can then be transferred back, with names.

1 year warranty

Average Tech Support

The Welch Allyn 39500: ……$4,366

The Welch Allyn is pretty much the same unit as the Maico just with a higher price tag and worse service. There are no major differences between the two units because they are pretty much the same unit with different decals on the face. But trying to reach Welch Allyn customer service is like trying to reach the president of the United State. It just is not going to happen.

There are a couple of more companies out there but these are the big 3. The others are more focused on the ENT market and are going to be overkill for the pediatrician.


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