plusoptiX S16 – Stationary Vision Screener

On Sale And Ready to Ship Now

Only $5,995

Plus free HOTV upgrade 


Designed for stationary use in one exam room.

  • Connected to electricityIt is always operational and can’t be misplaced or “disappear” easily.
  • Internal patient database
    For up to 100,000 data records with the possibility to upload rosters.
  • CSV interface for full integration to your EMR system
    For automated patient data import, -export and measurement report printing.
  • DVI monitor interface
    Can be connected to a monitor for a convincing presentation to the patient.
  • Documentation options
    Measurement results can be documented electronically or on paper.
  • Free software updates and Plusoptix hassle-free warranty
    Covers even dropping the device; Europe and US only




Being the lightest weight unit (26.5 oz (0.75 kg) it is easy to handle with just one hand.





The only unit with external monitor interface offers a lot of possibilities for pediatric and family practice offices.





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