Osteoarthritis is estimated to affect over 30 million people in the Unites States alone,* this equals almost 1 in every 10 people dealing with the painful effects of arthritis.

That means if your family practice is seeing only 10 to 15  patients a day, at least 1 of them probably needs treatment for Osteoarthritis.

If your patient population is mostly 45 and up those odds go a lot higher.
But 1 bi-lateral knee procedure a day (80%) averaging $3k per knee is $7k a day.

Times 5 days a week is $35k a week. $140k a month.

Your cost per month is $3,300 and no payments for the First 6 months.

Worse case scenario 1 patient a week (really small practice)

$12k a month – $3,300 = $8,700 profit a month

Healthier, Happier patients

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