Respiratory Care Professionals & COVID-19
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We are getting a number of calls and email inquiries regarding both BVF Filters & Lung Monitors. Here is the breakdown of those conversations;

1. BVF filters should be used with every patient that uses a Spirometer
a. 99.999% Cross Contamination Efficiency for Both Bacteria & Viruses (We have confirmed that this includes the Coronavirus (COVID-19) which have smaller particulates than normal viruses)
b. Best way to protect your patient, staff and equipment
c. Please ensure that your orders are placed early as Air shipping product is getting tighter.
2. Lung Monitors are being requested to monitor at risk patients and COVID-19 patients POST infection.
a. We have these in stock and ready to ship
b. We are emphasizing the importance of tracking lung function post respiratory distress
c. The same can be applied to the ASMA-1’s and COPD-6’s

I’m not one to take advantage of such a bad situation, but we are also Respiratory Care Professionals during a Major Respiratory Pandemic. Utilize the tools and services that you have to make yourself a partner for the lab/hospital/company.

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