Sanitizing Headphones


We have been receiving a lot of service calls do to people over cleaning audiometer headphones with alcohol. If alcohol drips into your headphones they can be permanently beyond repair.

A much better solution for your sanitary needs is the ultra light Sanitary Headphone Covers for Over-Ear Headsets.
These covers easily go over each individual headphone
Easy to put on
Easy to remove


Disposable Covers are the perfect accessory for headphones and headsets that are in shared environments. Keeping proper hygiene is more important now than ever and these covers are an easy way to keep your students, customers and patients cleaner. Hypoallergenic material and weave design give you full sound quality, comfort and protection.
Low prices high Quality

–  Order 5 bags of 100 and save. Just $12.95 per bag
–   Order 1-4 bags of 100 just $19.95 per bag

Save your equipment and avoid high repair cost

Order now


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