Wireless Video Otoscope


Wireless Video Otoscope

Only $2,690

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Delfino is a wireless video otoscope. Thanks to the state-of-the art imaging system used in the compact, dolphin-shaped hand piece, you can see, capture and store top quality images of the ear canal on a traditional display or on the computer screen. Maximum patient and operator comfort are guaranteed by wireless functionality.

Crisp and clear images, ease of use, a small footprint, ergonomic design and Noah connectivity combine to make Delfino the perfect choice for audiologists, ENT specialists and hearing aid dispensing centers.

The Imaging System

Delfino features German quality endoscopic optics, an auto dimmable LED illumination system and a high-resolution CMOS sensor of latest generation. This state-of-the-art imaging system ensures pictures of the ear canal with astonishing quality.

The Hand Piece

Delfino hand piece is very light and highly ergonomic. It embeds a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery that ensures two hours of uninterrupted use and a multi-channel wireless video transmission system.

Delfino uses the common Heine disposable ear specula, very cheap and easily available everywhere.

The Receiver Base

When Delfino is on its cradle, the battery recharges and the optics tip of the optics is warmed, thus preventing its fogging. The base has two video outputs: an analog video output for the connection to any standard display and an USB output for the direct connection to the computer.

NOAH & Maestro Integration

Delfino comes with Daisy software, through which you can capture the video-otoscopic images and store them in the patient folder, together with other ENT and audiological examinations. If you are a Noah user, you can use the dedicated module, which comes with the device.

The Wi-Fi video otoscope is a small, portable and digital otoscope with Wi-Fi transmission. Using proper software and apps you can take pictures and video using a PC, smart phones, and tablets. Compatible with Mic-Fi speculum.

RE-VO includes:

  • RE-VO Wi-Fi Video Otoscope
  • Management Data Suite MDS RE-VO license
  • Plastic cradle
  • USB cable and charger
  • Starter kit specula (3 sizes)
  • Quick start guide
  • Power supply

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