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OAE Hearing Screening

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Add tympanometer with Reflex for just $1,350 more. (model R16M)

  • 92558 Evoked otoacoustic emissions, screening (qualitative measurement of distortion product or transient evoked otoacoustic emissions), automated analysis
  • 92587 Distortion product evoked otoacoustic emissions; limited evaluation (to confirm the presence or absence of hearing disorder, 3-6 frequencies) or transient evoked otoacoustic emissions, with interpretation and report
  • 92588 Distortion product evoked otoacoustic emissions; comprehensive diagnostic evaluation (quantitative analysis of outer hair cell function by cochlear mapping, minimum of 12 frequencies), with interpretation and report


Add Tympanometry

  • 92567 Tympanometry (impedance testing)
  • 92568 Acoustic reflex testing, threshold
  • 92550 Tympanometry and reflex threshold measurements
  • 92570 Acoustic immittance testing, includes tympanometry (impedance testing), acoustic reflex threshold testing, and acoustic reflex decay testing



Fast hearing Screening on any age with diagnostic and screening OAE


  • large Screen for easy viewing.
  • Screening and diagnostic
  • Pass/Fail Displayed within seconds
  • Carry Case
  • Free Software
  • Limited 3 year warranty

Multiple options and combinations available  including: screening and diagnostic audaudiometry, tympanometry,

The r14o manages data transfer to PC or to portable printer without plugging in. Wi-Fi connection is available, too

The new r14o provides a reliable and easy to interpret results of otoacoustics emissions evaluation, important in any newborn hearing screening program.

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