Sanitary Headphone Covers for Over-Ear Headsets


These covers allow the sharing of headphones and headsets in schools, businesses, hospitals, museums and at home. Simply stretch the cover around your earphone and you’re ready to use your headphones with the peace of mind and cleanliness you want.

Disposable Covers are the perfect accessory for headphones and headsets that are in shared environments. Keeping proper hygiene is more important now than ever and these covers are an easy way to keep your students, customers and patients cleaner. Hypoallergenic material and weave design give you full sound quality, comfort and protection.

Paper for most instruments

We carry a wide range of paper. Chances are we can meet your needs

Reusable Ear Tips

Reusable ear tips for your tympanometer or OAE Instrument

Disposable Universal Bacteriological Filters

Product Parts: CBI 1501, CBI 1502, CBI 1503
Disposable filters used in Spirometry. Available in three sizes: small, medium, large. Compatible with most manufacturers’ instruments.

Durable Peak Flow Meter

Product Parts: CBI 1201, CBI 1202, CBI 1203, CBI 1204
Universal for ALL patient populations and customized for each patient’s needs. Units sold and used globally for clinical and home use. Printed directions on meter. Durability is unsurpassed.

Sensor Element

Product Part: CBI 1725
Used exclusively with CBI 1702 reliable spirometer. Sensor Element’s measurement principle used is Fleisch Pneumotach Technology. Power Supply is flexible sturdy and robust to meet high volume use.

Calibration Syringe

Product Part: CBI 1602
Used with any standard spirometer device requiring a preset volume of 3.00 liters of air to calibrate sensor and maintain accurate measurements.