Fall Prevention


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A test you should run on all your seniors. It could save their life!

  • Simple and easy to administer testing process
  • Immediate test results and data interpretation
  • Portable
  • 15 test performed by MA
  • $250 – $550 per test with Established and verified CPT codes for reimbursement from Medicare and private insurance


Did you catch that? researchers found that an estimated 35% of Americans over the age of 40 — roughly 69 million people — suffer from an inner-ear balance disorder. By age 60 more than half of all Americans have a balance problem.
This means if you see 40 seniors a day at your practice, 20 of them are at risk for a fall.
Falls not only cause physical injuries, such as hip fractures and organ damage, but also often lead to patients’ loss of independence. More than 15,000 Americans die each year as a result of a fall, but far more — approximately 3 million — are injured. One-quarter of older Americans who suffer a hip fracture after a fall die within six months of the injury.
Staggering statistics. These are some of our most vulnerable patients, looking to you to help them keep their independence and quality of life.
 Just a simple screening,  during regular preventive care of patients over age 50 may lead to fewer falls and, ultimately, save lives.
Use this simple questionnaire to screen your seniors


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