The Vat

50% of all seniors have a vestibular problems,

according to Johns Hopkins.

ENG/VAT  $200-$500 (15 minutes).

92540 Basic Vestibular Test

92546 Sinusoidal Rotation Test

92547 Use of Vertical Electrodes

THERAPY TRAINING  $30. (2 minutes)

97110-GP Therapeutic Activities

FOLLOW UP   $100-$200 (5 minutes)

92546 Sinusoidal Rotation Test

92547 Use of Vertical Electrodes

Return on Investment Analysis

Average Reimbursement Per Patient  $200 – $350

Patients Per Day                           1                   2                 3                  4

Gross Monthly Revenue       $4,400          $8,800      $13,200      $17,600

Monthly Payment                    $990             $990             $990           $990

Monthly Net Revenue           $3,410         $7,810        $12,210        $ 16,610

Annual Net Revenue            $40,920     $93,720      $146,520     $199,320

With just 4 test a day you are gaining a minimum of $199,320

This is not including earning from follow ups and treatment.

How many of your patients can answer yes to at least one of these questions?

1 yes qualifies them

1. Have you fallen in the past 12 months?

2. Do you feel dizzy or off balance if you make a sudden change in movement, such as bending down or quickly turning?

3. Do you have any hearing loss?

4. Do you require assistance to walk, such as a person supporting you, use a walker or a wheelchair?

5. Do you have balance problems when you are walking or climbing stairs?

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